Tounan is the southeast region and smalles in all of PMK . This region has a series of streams that fall into the ocean, making it a very peacefull and quiet place. Fragrant Harbour, the largest city in Tounan, has daily ferries to Offshore Island, home of the Pearlcliff Resort, a luxurious relaxation area, only affordable by the richest people in the Pokemon World.

Fragrant HarbourEdit

Fragrant Harbour is the largest city in Tounan, a city which has prolifered above the rest in the region, due to it's exlusive access to Offshore Island.

Fragrant Harbour is also home to the Water Gym.

Offshore IslandEdit

Offshore Island is the largest off continent piece of land in PMK. It used to be an independant state, owned by rich merchants, but it was instaurated as part of the Tounan r
egion during the consolidation of state power in Kita.

Pearcliff ResortEdit

Pearcliff Resort is a highly expensive and luxurious condominioum only affordable by a small amount of people around the worl.

Coral RiffEdit

A beautifull coral on the southern shores of Offshore Island.