Seinan is PMK's southwest region. It is unofficially divided in two smaller areas, High Seinan, and Lower Seinan. This divition is done because of a natural occurance in the regions geology. High Seinan is all of that which lies on top of the Seinan Plateau, a high ground that stands over 500m higher than Lower Seinan.

Lower seinan is a prolific area, with a wonderfull sight. The calm Mist River runs across it from Seinan Plateu into the sea, making it a farming paradise. Terrice City is a dedicated place where food for the whole PMK, and most of the Pokemon World, is grown.

Mist RiverEdit


Mist River.


Terrice CityEdit

800px-terrace - 03

The Farmlands near Terrice City.

Grass Gym


River Giant CityEdit

River giant

River Giant City

Western ExpenseEdit



Mt. Sacred in summer

Sacred Mountain is the largest mountain in PMK.

Skyferry CityEdit

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